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Calculate the Estimated Amount of
Life Insurance you'll need?
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Step 1. Evaluate Your Assets & Income.

Enter your current annual income.


Estimated number of years your spouse will need your annual income?


Current income from investments (rental properties, annuities, dividends, etc.)


Assets that can be turned into cash within 3 months (It's recommended that you not liquidate retirement accounts due to federal tax penalties)


Enter amount of your existing life insurance coverage(s):


Step 2. Evaluate Your Debts and Expenses

Outstanding mortgage balance(s):


Any outstanding loans:


Estimate Final expenses: (medical, funeral, taxes, etc.)


Step 3. Child Support and/or College Expenses

*An average annual tuition cost of $15,000 - $20,000 per year, is suggested.


Monthly child cost:

Years child will require support: College expenses:
1 $ years
2 $ years
3 $ years
4 $ years
5 $ years

Additional Estimated Life Insurance Total: $

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